Sunday, June 1, 2014

Searching a cheap Ryanair flight made easy!


On first summer day of 2014 Pegas Software released Ryanair Scanner application which simplifies looking for a cheap Ryanair flight and makes process of searching the best connection option to be a matter of minutes. Unlike official site which gives limited airport-to-airport fare and timetable information for one week period Ryanair Scanner powerful flights database allows more flexible search criteria to be specified and returns information on the flights for up to a half-of-year period.

Scenario 1: From airport to airport

Ryanair Scanner allows quick fetching of flight data from specific departure airport to destination in few clicks. For instance looking for a flight from London to Prague in the first week of September 2014 is as simple as follows:

Results on the given criteria are immediate and accurate. Mention that local UK currency is automatically converted to Euro.

Scenario 2: From country (any airport) to airport

If you don't care too much about departure airport it is possible to specify the whole country instead. In this case Ryanair Scanner will display connections on all source country airports which are matching destination given. 

Let's look for options of getting to London from Czech Republic, any airport:

Mention that destination combo output is limited to only supported routes:

Amend dates range and number of results as needed and voila, all options on how to get to London from Czech Republic are listed in results table and they include Prague, Brno and Ostrava. 

Scenario 3: from airport to anywhere

If you want aggregate information on Ryanair flights available from specific airport it's as simple as leaving "To:" field blank. For example query on best Ryanair offerings for the first week of August 2014 looks as follows:
And results include multiple destinations like Frankfurt, Brussels, Paris and Leeds. 

Scenario 4: even more flexibility

Any search criteria input field can be left blank. It means that inputs limit query result set according to your preferences. If nothing is provided at all Ryanair Scanner will return the cheapest flights without filters on departure and destination airports and date range, basically the cheapest flights ever. 


We truly hope that this application will help you as it helps us already to:
  • Save money: use best fares from Ryanair to keep travel fees reasonably low
  • Save time: search for the most appropriate option using Ryanair Scanner application
  • Save bandwidth: Ryanair Scanner doesn't do "heavy" calls, all you see in results table is all Internet consumption it does. 
We are appreciate any form of feedback so if there is a way we can improve Ryanair Scanner application just let us know anyhow. 

Happy flights with Ryanair!


Pegas Software. 

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